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Progressive Methodologies in Dental Care

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18 years of Indian dental care leadership! Highly reviewed dental hospital online and offline. Online reviews give honest, straightforward, and unfiltered views of our patients about us. Check us out on Google, Yahoo, Mouth Shut, to name a few.


With two dental facilities in Srinagar Colony and HITEC City, now it is easier for you to make an appointment.


Our hygiene encompasses rigorous environmental surface cleaning, including cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces as well as decontamination of medical equipment and devices used in patient-care procedures.


We have specialist dentists on our team, each with his or her specific area of proficiency. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful team is here to make your visit enjoyable, relaxing, and memorable.

Prevention is better than cure! We are keen to emphasize this philosophy and assist you and your family with tailor-made preventive advice to suit your individual needs. We can conveniently take care of all your family's dental needs in one practice. That means your general dentist and specialist can work together, for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

We provide first-class dentistry within a fully-equipped modern office utilizing the highest standards of technology in the world for diagnostics and treatments.

We can address all of your dental needs within the comfort of our tranquil, spa-like stress-free environment. Color, light, and sound therapies meet together to share their powers in our dental centers, as well.

Our practices modeled as a luxurious spa experience rather than a medical center, with a range of amenities designed not just to make you comfortable and at ease, but to create a welcoming, pleasurable experience.

We practice dentistry that integrates the best available evidence with clinical experience and patient preference in making clinical decisions. We believe in treating the teeth and gums in their relationship with the rest of the body. Simply put, oral health affects systemic (overall) health, and vice versa. Everything is connected. So it’s not hard to see how “living healthy” both involve the whole person and benefits the whole person – body.


A team that’s accessible and responds to your needs. One that checks in on you after a procedure to make sure everything has gone as planned. Our interactive approach means you can communicate on a personal level with our dental team to ensure the very best dental health. We place a strong emphasis on patient education and provide dental care focused on prevention to protect and maintain your natural teeth.


We keep you safe. Your health and safety are essential to us.


Smiline has the rare distinction of the only Indian dental practice operating in North America. We utilize the best of both worlds to integrate and offer the latest innovations and technology to our patients.


IV Sedation Dentistry, Same-Day Crowns, Chic lounges with flat screen TVs

Private Treatment Rooms, In-Chair TV, Education videos and Music, Complimentary Wi-Fi and Tables for use in the reception area, Refreshment Bar with coffee, tea and Valet Parking, In-House Dental Lab.