Root Canal Treatment

In our society, root canal treatment has been characterized as an intensely painful procedure but now not anymore. Root canal treatment is a safe and cost-effective treatment for damaged or infected teeth, and it aims to relieve the person from pain and not to cause it. So to answer your question, “Is root canal treatment painful?” With the latest dental equipment and expert dental doctors, it is not! It is one of the best treatments that can be offered in a dental hospital for tooth decay, dental cavities, and cracked teeth.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is the most common dental procedures performed by an endodontist. Endodontists are highly skilled dental specialists in diagnosing and treating tooth pain and performing root canal treatment. Root canal treatment is done to relieve a patient from dental pain, and infection of the root & pulp of the teeth. Root canal treatment helps in saving the natural teeth and prevents the need for expensive dental extractions, dental implants, or bridges. In root canal treatment, dental specialists replace damaged or infected pulp in the tooth’s root canal and seal the root canal with a filling. Later, placement of crown for the restoration of functionality is considered.

Reasons for performing root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is necessary when a tooth’s nerve and the pulp becomes inflamed or infected. During root canal treatment, the interior of the tooth is cleaned and dried, and a temporary filling is placed. There are several reasons why you may require root canal treatment:

  • Deep decay
  • Repeated dental procedures on the tooth
  • Crack or chip in the tooth

In addition, an injury to teeth may cause pulp damage even if the teeth have no visible cracks. If pulp inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can cause pain or lead to an abscess.

Root Canal Treatment at Best Dental Clinic

Smiline Dental Hospital has a team of doctors who have been trained to be specialists in advanced Root canal treatment. Traditional root canal treatments still exist in many places. But the adoption of the latest techniques and innovations like painless root canal treatment have made Smiline Dental Hospitals stand apart from the rest. Newer technologies have enabled our specialists at smiline to perform root canal treatment in just single sitting.

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

In the past, root canal treatment would take multiple extended visits. Now, the procedure can complete in a single visit in certain cases. We, at Smiline dental hospital, strive to provide the best root canal treatment in Hyderabad, hence keep up with the technology and incorporate the same in root canal treatment procedures for the benefit of our patients.

The treatment procedure involves a proper diagnosis of the condition, which helps the endodontist to choose the correct treatment procedure. Various diagnostic procedures include:

  • Percussion– to check any tenderness of the tooth by tapping
  • Mobility
  • Radiographs

After the diagnostic tests, the dental specialist will make an opening in the top of the teeth. The infected pulp and bacteria are flushed out with disinfectant, and the root canals are thoroughly cleaned and shaped with special instruments. Once the shaping is to done, the pulp chamber and root canals are filled and sealed. Finally, the tooth opening is restored with a filling. After the root canal treatment, teeth become fragile. It can be strengthened with a crown or cap. The crown will help you in regaining tooth functionally.

Root canal treatment cost

Don’t continue to live in pain. At Smiline dental hospitals in Hyderabad, the team of experienced doctors provides the best root canal treatment. The cost of the root canal treatment in Hyderabad is what delays you from getting treatment. Please visit Smiline dental clinic as we offer you the best root canal treatment at reasonable prices. Getting the root canal treatment at our dental clinic done can avoid further problems as well as protect the tooth from infection.